During the market research phase of launching our software, we quickly learned that external environmental factors affected the software's ability to quickly and accurately scan identification and realized that a supporting solution was needed.  

With no viable hardware solution on the market; we improvised, adapted, and then overcame the challenges. Grunt Tough designed and engineered a solution, and then launched its own in-house manufacturing capabilities to support the software and created ID scanning iPad kiosks. We identified a problem and then fixed it.

5G Mounting Manufacturing - With already existing metal manufacturing capabilities, and an already proven ability to invent a solution to a problem as a result of pioneering new technologies, we were once again faced with a challenge. 


Grunt Tough runs a small traditional metal manufacturing facility, employing disabled veterans that:

  • cut,
  • grind,
  • drill, 
  • sand, &
  • shape


raw metal into our signature products.  Hand made, with speed and efficiency, Grunt Tough is proud to keep it local!

While we are small, we pride our work ethic on having the ability to produce high-output volume.




With the introduction of 5G, came our newest product: The Raptor, a non-penetrating universal mount for both flat and pitched roofs (Patent Pending).

The Raptor joined our line-up of ID scanning iPad Kiosks as products that are designed, engineered, and manufactured all under one roof.