Consulting & Instillation

How we got into 5G

In early 2019, in preparation for their FCC filings, the 5G Spectrum holders in partnership with other external organizations launched a strategy to support Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) such as Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFWs), American Legion, and AMVETS posts as 5G Small Cell Sites.  The majority of these locations are:

  • bars,
  • veteran run, and
  • are membership-based locations.


If businesses who helped support the rollout of 5G were going to be rewarded with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of free, state-of-the-art 5G equipment, it might as well be organizations that support veterans.  We applaud their decision!


Enter Grunt Tough into the mix!

  • A tech company,
  • consisting of an all veteran team,
  • pioneering revolutionary software, and was
  • already working with hundreds of alcohol sales clients. 


Grunt Tough won a contract to conduct 5G small cell site acquisition in eastern North Carolina. 


Our skillset quickly proved itself valuable and we expanded to manage:

  • hundreds of thousands of dollars in 5G equipment logistics,
  • warehousing,
  • site installation by an all veteran teams, and
  • additional site selection from North Carolina to Florida, Southern Texas, and across the Mid-West.

Field Operations

Once in the field, Grunt Tough identified a tremendous amount of inefficiency as a result of inadequate hardware. 

Since 5G was so new, at the time, the best mounting hardware came from the satellite dish industry.  However, 5G

  • has more hardware components
  • heavier weight, with
  • different balance axis points.


In addition, there are more aspects to take into consideration for 5G installation than there are for satellite dishes.

Getting into 5G?

Going down the 5G capability process can seem overwhelming, and there are a lot of aspects to take into consideration, such as:

  • What makes for a good 5G small cell site? 
  • What type of equipment is needed and where should it be located?
  • Is my facility even suitable?
  • What type of support is needed?
  • What are the power requirements?
  • Do we need an active hardline internet connection? 
  • What type of local, state, or federal permits are required?


Grunt Tough can help navigate these and many more aspects of 5G installation.


Grunt Tough 5G Capabilities and services:

  • installation team contracting and sub-contracting 
  • Strategic plan building for a 5G location setup.
  • Satellite site identification and geo-mapping.
  • Field inspections.
  • 5G site infrastructure identification and plan mapping.
  • Site systems requirements identification. 
  • Supportive electrical sub-contracting management.
  • 5G Equipment provisioning 
  • 5G instillation & technical training 


These are just a sample of Grunt Tough's 5G experiences and capabilities.


Have questions? Contact us on how we can support your 5G efforts.