Grunt Tough Incorporated is a Software and Manufacturing company located in Wilmington, NC. 100% veteran owned and operated, we pride ourselves in that we currently also have 100% veteran employees.  While with growth, we understand that the right person for the job may come in the form of a non-veteran, for now, we're happy to provide jobs and support the education growth of our team who happened to come from the ranks of America's finest.

Our Back Story

Simple, we built an app.  Our app, and corresponding web-based administration portal, was designed for ID scanning and compliance.  

It was a boot-strap start-up, completely self-funded, and relied on a LOT of sweat equity to bring it to fruition.  Having a razor focus on the niche market of the private club industry in North Carolina (bars and nightclubs), the company took off with hockey stick growth in customer and membership acquisition.

Unpredicted Growth

How did we get from launching an app for bars, to metal manufacturing, and now consulting and managing 5G installations...? Well, believe it or not, they are all interlinked!

Read the top section of each area to learn more about our story.


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